"THE HEROES OF WOODSTOCK" featuring original performers from the most important event in rock music history have joined together to tour the world in celebration of and tribute to "The Original Three Days of Peace & Music" that occurred at Yasgur's Farm in Bethel, NY in August 1969.

Jefferson Starship will perform Jefferson Airplane's set & more, Canned Heat, Melanie and Grateful Dead alumnus Tom Constanten will perform, Big Brother & The Holding Co. will perform Janis Joplin's set, and Country Joe McDonald will perform and host - as they did on Aug. 15 & 16, 1969 in Bethel, NY. The tour pays further homage to the original festival as every ticket purchaser shall be given the free soundboard download of the entire performance they actually attend. "Woodstock was not only iconic for the music," points out tour co-producer and Jefferson Starship manager Michael Gaiman, "but also for the fact that so many fans got in for free and that such an instantly large population co-existed peacefully. It is in this spirit that we are adding the free download perk, something no one has ever done before on this scale."

"Woodstock changed the world," said tour co-producer and Canned Heat manager Skip Taylor, who was there in 1969.

"It brought the ethics of the counter-culture to national prominence," added tour co-producer and Big Brother & The Holding Co. manager Tim Murphy.